spa_24_11_01 For the past forty two years the Seaplane Pilots Association has been a tenant moving around every couple of years to a new rented office. As the association continues to aggressively expand its role and influence in the aviation community the time has come to build a world class headquarters in a seaplane friendly environment. Our goals in building a new HQ include:

  • Construct a new state of the art SPA Headquarters & Education Center which serves as a water flying community center, on a seaplane friendly lake in a seaplane friendly town that provides convenient road, runway and water access to the public.
  • Create large areas dedicated to seaplane education and the research of advanced seaplane safety techniques and techniques for the prevention of the spread of invasive species
  • Enlarge our square footage to allow for increased staffing as we expand our mission effectiveness in the promotion, protection and support of the water flying community

Funded through the Seaplane Pilots Association Foundation this facility will allow for the advancement of seaplane safety, education and community development allowing us to expand our mission under the foundations 501C3 guidelines. This new facility will allow us to:

  • Host interactive seaplane community building events
  • Develop new techniques and teaching aids to increase the safety of seaplane pilots.
  • Achieve a new level of outreach to both land flying and non flying prospective pilots.
  • Increase our fostering of the next generation, by creating interactive events for young adults

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