SPA Foundation Donor Benefits:

As a donor to the Seaplane Pilots Association Foundation, you receive tremendous piece of mind knowing that your highly valued contribution is put to immediate use in many ways to enhance the wonderful world of water flying.

The SPA Foundation is highly focused on protecting and promoting seaplane flying, educating both the flying and non-flying general public about water flying operations and safety, producing seaplane training programs, and even providing merit-based seaplane rating scholarships to young career-track pilots who demonstrate excellence in their studies.

In recent years the seaplane pilot population has suffered the same attrition due to an aging pilot population and economic factors as the rest of the GA community. Today there are probably fewer than 10,000 active seaplane pilots in the United States. Yet, there is great potential for significantly increasing that number because fewer than 3% of all pilots have a seaplane rating.

Even as the pilot population shrinks, flight training is undergoing dramatic change. Glass cockpits have virtually taken over pilot training programs. Today’s pilots are becoming more dependent on automated flight systems at the expense of the essential stick and rudder skills that seaplane pilots learn and use on each and every flight.

We believe that a seaplane rating provides the most fun and exciting flying experience that most will pilots will ever enjoy. It also is an invaluable opportunity for new career-oriented pilots who are training in aircraft with advanced electronic and automated cockpits to learn real stick and rudder skills that ultimately will make them safer, better pilots throughout their careers.

Your donation will make a real difference in the Seaplane Pilots Association mission. In exchange for your help:

All donations to the Seaplane Pilots Association Foundation are tax deductible under IRS 501-C3 non-profit guidelines.

The SPA Foundation provides a donation receipt (for the IRS) and thank-you letter to the donor.

A $250 or higher donor is awarded a one-year membership in the Seaplane Pilots Association

A donor who gives $1,000 or more to help build the new World Headquarters facility for the Seaplane Pilots Association receives a one-year membership in the Seaplane Pilots Association and a personalized 8 x 8-inch donor brick placed in the ramp of the new headquarters seaplane base.

A 5,000 or higher donor receives a Lifetime Membership to the Seaplane Pilots Association and a 12 x 12-inch donor brick.